Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Faithful chair....

I was not allowed to walk for months after I got home from hospital.  My delicate body needed the time to heal or else I would end up in hospital again.  So thankful God gave ideas to someone to invent wheelchairs!!! 

That wheelchair saw me through ups and downs.  I also learned the struggles those who had to practically live in wheelchair for lifetime.

In public places, the handicapped stalls are not always big enough.  Maneuvers were tricky.  Most of them have only one supporting rail, and it is usually on a wall.  But in my case, I needed two!  We tried to find a family bathroom so I could have someone with me.  There were few times where Stuart had to ask someone to block the access to womens' restroom so he can go in with me. 

Tables in restaurants are not quite friendly with size of wheelchairs.  Sometimes I had to eat over my lap. 

Aisles in shopping centers are not big enough to go through with wheelchairs.  My mom had to move clothing rack to make room for me. 

I was given a handicapped parking pass.  Unfortunately, there were some people who parked in the handicapped spots without pass.  It must be frustrating when people do not respect that there are indeed people who really need it. 

Elevators are often crowded so we waited for space to open up.  Talk about being patient!!! 

Through God's healing power, I do not need wheelchair now.  I was given the cushion attached to wheelchair to keep at home for chairs, and it reminds me of how far I have gotten on my recovery path.