Friday, April 13, 2012

August 2010

If I didn't have the support at home, I would have been at the hospital for 4 months.  Hospital bed, commode, visiting nurse, visiting therapists, wheelchair, walker, and many more were set up. 

Stuart's office was transformed into my little hospital bedroom.  Bless his heart- his entire contents were thrown out into all parts of our house.  It is located in front of laundry room so it had an immediate access to back door.  My dad and Stuart built a ramp there.  My dad and Stuart had the room freshly painted.  Quilt was passed to me from a friend's dear aunt, and it brought a touch of love to the room. 

In the picture, it shows the bonding time between my youngest son, Todd and I.  I did not get to move into my own bedroom upstairs until 4 months later.  I could not even get to go upstairs to see my boys asleep. 

The famous saying of "A little bit goes a long way" worked in my case.  It is a start somewhere. 

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