Wednesday, April 11, 2012

August 10, 2010

So many people have questions about our accident, and it might be theraputic for me to talk about it.  It still haunts me daily. 

Every year our boys stay with my parents in North Carolina for a cousin week along with their cousins.  We returned to pick boys up and decided to stay for few days.  On July 5th, we were on our way back home.  The drive is usually 6 to 7 hours.  It all depends on traffic.  Stuart drove the first part then I took over the driving.  We were about two hours from home when I first saw how bad traffic was on I-95.  With that, I decided to switch to back roads.  Stuart had fallen asleep.  Boys watched movies on our dvd player.

I thought I had hit a jackpot when we arrived on the back road.  Beautiful scenic drive.  Farms, rolling hills, lakes, etc.  No traffic anywhere in sight.  I remember Kevin asked, "How much longer till we are home?"  I replied, "One hour and half to go!  Be patient!"  Never thought that it would take ME one month to be home.  I was the one who needed to be more patient than ever!

This is the part where I have no recollection of.  We learned from police that witnesses told them that I had to swerve off my lane because an oversized car had taken up part of our lane.  I must have done that to avoid being hit by that car.  Remember we were on back roads; so there was no such thing as an emergency pull out area on side nor a median.  So I knew I had to get back onto lane.  From that time, our van just fishtailed on both lanes, and I had lost the control of wheel.  (Later we learned from pictures that the tire that hit on the side had a flat.  Perhaps that caused the trouble of staying in one lane).  Stuart woke up confused.  We were then on coming traffic's lane, and I saw a family van that I knew I had to avoid being crashed head on.  I then tried to swerve back onto my lane only to end up going off a hill into bottom of trees.

My immediate thoughts were of boys.  I tried to leave my seat only to realize I could not move my right side.  Part of my legs were stuck under the dashboard.  Plus my door was blocked by trees.  With God's hands at work, the first car that stopped was a doctor and a nurse.  Upon their observation, doctor assessed that I needed her more.  Nurse stayed with Stuart.  Initially they thought Stuart had a heart attack.  They were able to help us till amulances, police, and fire department arrived.  Boys suffered black eye and bruises while Stuart had a fractured stenum.  We were taken to a nearby hospital only to find out they could not handle my injuries.  I was then transported to a hospital near home.  The next day I had two surgeries then another one few later.  That was where I stayed for one month.

Now I am home. 

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